The production of the materials is effected in our own foundry, from the charge make-up (burden calculation) of the alloy components via the melting process up to the potting. High-strength materials can be produced by the introduction of new casting and moulding technologies.





  • aluminium alloys (e.g. AlSn / AlSi)
  • copper alloys (e.g. lead / tin bronzes)




  • shells with / without collar
  • bushes with / without collar
  • thrust washers / segments
  • linear wear plates and sliding segments
  • custom designed special parts

Our standards

DIN EN ISO 9001, 8.94

DIN ISO 14000


Gleitlager und Metallverarbeitung GmbH Osterwieck
Ziegeleiweg 3
38835 Osterwieck

Phone: +49 39421 / 61 97 - 0
Fax: +49 39421 / 61 97 - 130


Facebook: GMO-Gleitlager

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